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Would-be Thief's Attempt To Rob Gas Station Thwarted By Clerk's Dog (Video)

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A would-be robber in Maine was prevented from stealing from a gas station clerk after the clerk’s dog attacked him when he pulled out a gun.

On Friday, police released a sketch of the suspect as well as video of the incident, which took place at Holly’s Gas in the town of Saco on Tuesday afternoon.

The store’s clerk, Justin Ireland, said he was sitting in his office when a man wearing a mask-like covering over his face walked up to the door.

“Guy walked up to the door, asked if he could use my phone,” Ireland said. “I never let anyone in the building. So I said no, I don’t have a phone you can use.”

Then, according to Ireland, the man pulled out a gun, shoved him and demanded cash. Immediately after the suspect shoved him, Ireland’s dog, Thor, who had been with him in the office, jumped up on the suspect and began to attack him.

“As soon as he pushed me, that’s when Thor jumped up at him,” Ireland told reporters. The suspect fled, and after making sure Thor was safely inside, Ireland ran after him. He was unable to apprehend the suspect before he climbed into a Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck and sped away. The truck was reportedly parked on the side of the road, just around the corner from the gas station.

“We had a couple other people come forward who had seen the vehicle parked on the side of the road,” Deputy Chief Jeffrey Holland said.

Ireland said that Thor had remarkably never been trained to fight attackers, and was simply acting on instinct.

Police are now actively searching for the suspect, whom they describe as a 5'8" white male, possibly with dog bites on his face.

Watch the intense surveillance footage below.

Sources: The Blaze, Portland Press Herald / Photo Credit:


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