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Alleged Burglar Gets Trapped Inside Store He Planned To Rob (Video)

A man who allegedly planned to rob a Boost Mobile Store in Pomona, California, became trapped inside after choosing the wrong door for his exit (video below).

In the video, the suspect enters the store through an air-conditioning vent — literally dropping in to the storage room.

The alarm was triggered when the suspect entered the room, store owner Miguel Ceja told KTLA 5.

What the would-be burglar did not know is that the store had not officially opened at the time and therefore there was no merchandise inside.

The suspect notices the lack of goods and quickly runs to a door he thinks is the exit.

He is wrong.

“He thinks it’s the exit but it’s actually not,” Ceja said, while recounting what happens in the video, as seen on World Breaking News.

“That door shuts and you’re done," Ceja added. "You’re not getting out of there."

The false exit leads to a secure room that has a door that locks behind a person after they enter. There is no way out from inside the room.

The room was put in the store as a way to catch thieves because the store owners have reportedly been robbed about 20 times in the past, losing thousands of dollars of merchandise.

“We’ve been hit so many times in the past and my partners and I were just tired of losing our inventory,” Ceja said..

For 45 minutes, the suspect is caught on camera trying to escape from the room. He bangs his feet against doors, uses his arms as leverage to push harder, and even pulls out a hammer and tries to break the door lock.

All of his attempts to escape fail.

Police surrounded the store, requesting the suspect to surrender. He agreed and was taken into custody.

Sources: KTLA 5, World Breaking News/YouTube / Photo Source: Screenshot/YouTube


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