World's Oldest Living Twins Say Secret To Long, Healthy Existence Is 'Nice, Quiet Life'

Meet Florence Davies and Glenys Thomas, the U.K’s oldest living twins, and according to some reports, the oldest identical twins in the world.

The great-great-grandmothers have a family photo album filled with memories from the past 103 years they have shared together, the Daily Mail reports.

Born in 1912, the centenary sisters have lived through the sinking of the Titanic, introduction of the national insurance tax, two world wars, the civil rights movement, and several advances in transportation and technology.

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But they have never left the small mining village of Abertridwr, Caerphilly, and credit their long existence to a “nice, quiet life.”

“They have lived a simple life. Neither Mam or Aunty Flo can drive. They never went abroad. But they were always happiest together,” Thomas’ daughter Gwenda Stacey, 65, said.

Stacey adds, “The whole family's social life was centered around their church and their community. You had to stay local in those days because it was so hard to get around.”

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The sisters shared a room until 1932, when Thomas left to marry a miner, William Scrivens, who died at 67. Stacey was adopted a few years later when the couple found out they couldn’t conceive a child. Thomas remarried in 1972, at age 60, and later became grandmother to three, a great grandmother to nine and she has one great-great-grandson.

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(Pictured: Thomas and Scrivens on their wedding day age 20 in 1931)

Florence stayed in the family home for two more years until she married, John Davies, who died at age 48. She never remarried, but went on to have three children, nine grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.

“For all their independent years they lived side by side - raising families together, shopping, socialising and cooking together too,” Stacey said. “Mam and Flo were always so active and independent. Right up until their 90s they would hop on the bus to go shopping together. They loved to look good and often bought the same outfits.”

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Now, at 103, Davies and Thomas live at the Abermill Care Home as their mental health has deteriorated with age, WalesOnline reports.

“They even built an interior door joining their two kitchens to make it even easier for them to see each other,” a spokesman at Abermill Care Home said.

Sources: Daily MailWalesOnline / Photo Credit: Wales News Service


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