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World's Most Unexpected Beach Surprises Tourists

A secret beach in Mexico has many tourists flocking to it, as its bright blue waters and sandy beaches seem unexpected amongst its forest-like surroundings.

The paradise is thought to have formed decades ago when the Mexican Government used it as a target practice. While most bombs leave a desolate, depressing-looking scene, this one created an idyllic beach.

It lies on the Marieta Islands in Puerto Vallarta. It is just a few miles off the coast, and visitors have to get to it by swimming through a short tunnel.

Called Playa de Amor, or Beach of Love, it became famous after tourists posted pictures of it onto social media sites.

Ventura Osorio offers tours of the beach, and said the islands were formed thousands of years ago through volcanic rock activity.

Osorio said, “The beach itself was most likely formed prior to the First World War since the Mexican government had been using the islands as target practice. These controlled bombings have been said to have formed numerous caves and other unique rock formations on the Marietas Islands.”

“It is believed that the Hidden Beach was created as a result of these factors combined with the erosion of the rocks surrounding it due to the local weather conditions.”

Many humpback whales, dolphins and manta rays call the islands home.

“Without social media, the hidden because would just be another beach waiting to be discovered by the world. This beach became famous around the world through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, you name it,” Osorio said.

“Puerto Vallarta is a very popular tourist destination in Mexico and now that there is awareness, the amount of visitors the hidden beach receives had grown astronomically.”

In order to visit the Marietas Islands, visitors must have a permit, as they are a natural reserve protected by the government.

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