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World's Largest Roller Coaster Restaurant Opens In Abu Dhabi

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A new roller coaster themed restaurant that opened in Abu Dhabi in November is the largest in the world, according to think tank HeinMack GmbH, who created the 14,000 square foot restaurant.

ROGO’s ferries food to customers via a looping and twisting track to their table. Each table is designed on its own roller coaster track with a unique silent delivery system that “thrills” diners with its gravity-defying journey. The network consists of 30 individual roller coaster tracks.

“The UAE is globally acknowledged as a ground breaking destination for world firsts and with the world’s fastest roller coaster, the Formula Rossa, part of the neighbouring Ferrari World experience, ROGO’S offers a spectacular culinary experience for fun-loving diners looking for a new and exciting dining adventure,” Jessica Wadih Al-Absi, chairman and CEO of group JWA, said.

The roller coaster technology transports hot and cold food as well as drinks. The restaurant also gives guests the option to order from handheld devices. ROGO's is so popular that there are often wait times of more than 30 minutes.

“Each dish is presented in individual pots, making it a real journey of discovery from start to finish,” Al-Absi said, “and one that we know will resonate with children and fun-loving adults alike.”

Similar restaurants are located in Germany, Kuwait and Russia with branches planned in the United Kingdom, China and Poland.

Global and local food and beverage brands have flocked to Abu Dhabi since the recent emergence of mega malls, including the recently opened Yas Mall that houses international brands like The Cheesecake Factory.

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Sources: NY Daily News, Gulf Business / Photo Credit: NY Daily News


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