World's First Pregnant Man Gets Married

Thomas Beatie, who made headlines in 2008 as the world's first pregnant man, has married girlfriend Amber Nichols after a lengthy legal battle with his first wife.

Beatie was born female and at 23 began taking hormones to transition to male, but kept his reproductive organs intact, according to the Daily Mail. After fighting to be recognized as a legal male in his home state of Hawaii, he married his first wife, bodybuilder Nancy Gillespie.

The couple had two sons and a daughter together, all of whom Beatie carried with the help of an anonymous sperm donor since Gillespie had undergone a hysterectomy.

After moving to Phoenix, Beatie fell in love with Nichols, who was his children's preschool director. He sought to end his marriage with Gillespie, but the process became a four-year ordeal ending with the couple's eventual decision to share custody of the children. In 2014, Beatie was charged with allegedly placing a device on his ex-wife's car in order to track her movements via GPS. In October 2015, he pleaded guilty to charges of disorderly conduct.

Beatie told investigators that "the car in question was joint marital property," adding that he "might have placed a GPS device on my own car" to keep tabs on "a woman who threatened to leave the state with my kids."

The divorce was finalized at the end of 2015, and Beatie and Nichols made plans for their wedding. "Finally, Amber and I were able to start really planning our wedding. But we kept the exact date secret even from the kids because we didn't want anything to derail it," said Beatie, 42, who now makes his living as a motivational speaker delivering speeches on transgender rights.

"And I must admit, I had no idea just how much was involved. We had an official wedding planner and there were so many details we had to go through, everything from food tastings to floral arrangements and invitations," he added.

The wedding was large and traditional, and Beatie's three children, as well as Nichol's young granddaughter, were all involved in the ceremony. The elaborate setup was a sharp contrast to Beatie's wedding with Nancy, which was a brief ceremony held by a justice of the peace.

"I was so nervous, excited and frightened all at the same time," said Beatie. "When Amber walked down the aisle my breath was just taken away. I saw the boys and [my daughter] Susan, so excited as a flower girl, and I just started crying and I couldn't stop."

"He was much more emotional - I couldn't believe just how emotional, he couldn't stop crying," said Nichols, 44.

"It was perfect," Beatie added. "Even better than I ever imagined."

The newlyweds have said that they will try to conceive, but that it may be difficult because of their age. "We would love a baby together but if it doesn't happen so be it," said Beatie.

Sources: Daily Mail (2) / Photo credit: Frankie Fouganthin/​Wikimedia Commons

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