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World's First 3D Printed Rifle Fires Bullet (Video)

The world's first 3D printed rifle, “The Grizzly,” has successfully fired a small-caliber .22 round.

The printed plastic gun was made on a Stratasys Dimension 1200es 3D printer, which sells for more than $25,000, reports

On July 23, a video (below) of the firing test was uploaded on YouTube. The creator tested the rifle by securing it and then pulling the trigger via a piece of string, while standing behind the experimental weapon.

The gunmaker told that his name is “Matt” and hails from British Columbia, Canada.

"I have a valid Possession & Acquisition License as required by Canadian gun laws to own firearms,” stated Matt.

“All that is required to build a firearm for personal use is the same license, selling requires a manufacturing license. I do not intend to sell any, but will release the files once complete and let people build their own."

"The rifle is a smoothbore .22 with an overall length of 670mm and permanent stock as required by law to conform to non-restricted status, which require no registration like restricted status firearms,” added Matt.

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