World's Dumbest Criminal Snaps An Incriminating Masked Selfie Before Robbing A Store

There have been some pretty dumb criminals in recent history, especially since the dawn of the Internet age, but a Tennessee man may have landed himself at the top of the list.

28-year-old Kevin Lawson was arrested last week for breaking into a store and stealing various food items, rifles, handguns, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and knives. A surveillance camera caught Lawson running from the scene of the crime carrying a large duffle bag filled with stolen items and wearing a white ski mask, but based on that video alone, authorities were unable to determine the perpetrator’s identity.

Luckily, Lawson did some pretty stupid things leading up to and after committing the crime, so authorities did eventually apprehend him. According to reports, police were unable to find fingerprints at the store because Lawson had worn gloves, but after finding those gloves thrown into his neighbor’s yard, they were eventually able to take him in for questioning.

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If throwing his gloves into a yard wasn’t bad enough, Lawson wound up incriminating himself with a single photo. Prior to committing the robbery, the man took a picture of himself wearing the ski mask in the mirror and left it on his phone. When he was being questioned by police, investigators asked if they could take a look at his phone, so once they opened up his photos, the first thing they saw was his incriminating selfie.

Lawson is now being held at Knox County Jail and has been charged with criminal counts of burglary and mischief.


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