World's Biggest Rabbit Weighs 49 Pounds, Eats $4,000 In Food A Year

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A Continental Giant rabbit named Darius has been named the world’s largest bunny, weighing in at 49 pounds.

Darius eats roughly 4,000 carrots a year, which costs his owner $4,000 to keep up with. The rabbit also eats about 15 cabbages, 60 dog bowls of rabbit feed, 1 bale of hay and 30 apples a month.  

“If Darius had his way he would never stop eating,” Annette Edwards, Darius’ owner, said. “He is very greedy, I really have to watch him.”

Edwards added that she never gets too angry with Darius for eating so much because of his great personality.

“Luckily he likes to hop around all the time,” Edwards said of his weight.

Though Contintental Giant rabbits were originally bred for their meat and fur, they are docile and friendly when raised with humans and can make great pets.

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Sources: NY Daily News, Daily Mail


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