World's First Official Genderless Person?


If you haven't already gotten it, you will soon recieve your 2010 census form. You will notice there is a question asking if you are male or female, with no other options. It's a good thing Norrie May-Welby doesn't live in the United States because May-Welby is neither. And now, it's official.

The 48 year old was born male in Scotland and moved to Australia at age 7. Twenty-one years later, May-Welby underwent a sex change but really wasn't happy living life as a woman either, according to London's Telegraph newspaper.

Which left one final alternative -- neutering.

"The concepts of man or woman don't fit me," May-Welby said. "The simplest solution is not to have any sex identification."

So the New South Wales government amended May-Welby's birth certificate to reflect "no specific sex" after doctors were not able to make a gender determination. So May-Welby is apparently the first person legally designated with no gender.

"There is no reason for still insisting that our legal identity must include a public statement about a very private matter, our sex," May-Welby wrote in a blog.

Here at OpposingViews we wonder, which public rest room will he or she (we also need a new pronoun) use?


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