World's First Fur-Free City?

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Which premier luxury shopping destination is poised to ban fur? That would be West Hollywood, California, home of the famous Sunset Strip. As part of West Hollywood's quest to establish itself as the "Humane Capitol of the Nation," the City Council has directed the city attorney to draft an ordinance prohibiting the sale of fur products. Since the council members voted unanimously in favor of drafting the ordinance, chances are good that it will pass with flying colors.

The fur-free ordinance continues a long West Hollywood tradition of kindness to animals. It was the first city in the country to ban cat declawing and also banned the retail sale of dogs and cats in pet stores, as well as pushing for Proposition 2, which improved welfare standards for "laying hens" in California.

Not lucky enough to live in West Hollywood? You can help shoo fur out of your town by organizing protests outside fur salons and other stores that sell fur. See PETA's "Guide to Becoming an Activist" for tips. 

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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