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Cutest Puppy Ever 'Kiwi' is Rescued

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When a good Samaritan found 10-week-old Kiwi wandering in the woods, the puppy weighed just 2 pounds and was barely bigger than a softball.

Nearly frozen in the frigid temperatures, the tiny Chihuahua was thin and dehydrated and suffered from a severe genital infection. The person who found Kiwi immediately called PETA for assistance.

After receiving some much-needed medical care and TLC, Kiwi was adopted by PETA members who can't believe the fantastic puppy was homeless.

Kiwi's new family includes a 70-pound canine "brother," Higgins, who is so enamored with his little pal that he won't eat a bite of his own food until he knows Kiwi doesn't want any of it. Kiwi is always game for adventures at work, school, or wherever his family is heading.

What a happy ending for this little fella!

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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