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Working to Protect Medical Marijuana Users in San Diego

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by Don Duncan

Last week, I spoke to the San Diego Medical Marijuana Task Force about their efforts to create sensible regulations for medical cannabis dispensing collectives and cooperatives in the city. The task force is charged with making recommendations to the City Council, which will use their input to craft an ordinance. Input from stakeholders early in the process is important, and San Diego ASA is working with allies to be sure patients’ voices help shape the city’s policy.

I spoke to the task force about the benefits of regulations, and cautioned them not to be misled by faulty legal analysis aimed at rolling back safe access.

Improving local regulations is a high priority for ASA’s California campaign. We must work diligently in cities and counties to be sure that local ordinances fulfill the voters’ mandate in Proposition 215 – “…To encourage the federal and state governments to implement a plan for the safe and affordable distribution of marijuana to all patients in medical need of marijuana.”


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