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Man Rescues Fox Cubs From Trash (Photos)

Man Rescues Fox Cubs From Trash (Photos) Promo Image

A U.K. man who thought he found abandoned puppies in the trash learned they were actually fox cubs.

Craig Mcgettrick, who works in Liverpool as a mover, was on the job in March 2017 when he lifted the blanket off of a worn-out mattress and found five baby animals underneath it, American Web Media reported.

At first glance, Mcgettrick thought the animals were newborn puppies. He and his coworker rescued them from the trash and got the animals the medical attention they needed.

"Those were probably the only two options I knew of," Mcgettrick told The Dodo. "We thought someone had dumped them knowing we were going to remove rubbish."

After transporting the animals to a nearby rescue center, Mcgettrick took to social media to post pictures of the mysterious pups. While most people agreed that the animals were probably dogs, others were skeptical.

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"After a rubbish removal job we unearthed a pile of rubbish and these little pups appeared in the rubbish we have taken them to an animal sanctuary so they have a chance to survive," Mcgettrick wrote of the rescue.

The image eventually reached Martin Hemmington, founder of the National Fox Welfare Society.

"We were contacted by a lovely lady called Beccie through our Facebook Page," Hemmington wrote. "Beccie had sent a few photos asking if the babies in the photos were indeed fox cubs. ... We confirmed they certainly were," Hemmington continued. "Beccie advised us that they had been taken to a rescue center in Liverpool mistakenly as puppies, not fox cubs."

However, the rescue mission was not over.

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The National Fox Welfare Society then sought to reunite the fox cubs with their vixen mother. They received a tip informing them that the mom was looking for them in a garden. They reunited the babies with their mom one by one.

The organization wrote a summary:

By 6.54 the vixen was on a mission and one fox cub now remained and by 7.01 pm, Paul text me a photo of the empty box. All through this, I was letting Beccie and Craig know and everyone was so pleased that the cubs were back where they belonged ... with mum!

Special thanks to Beccie whose quick thinking and help made this heartwarming story possible, to Craig and Karen for their invaluable help and the Animal Sanctuary for agreeing to pass the cubs on. To Paul and his team (The Fox Man at Freshfields) for collecting the cubs and sitting patiently with hearts in mouths waiting for the vixen to return.

This story was only possible because of each and every person mentioned above and it really is heartwarming to know that this combined teamwork reunited five fox cubs, that were only days old, with their vixen mother. Well done everyone and thank you.

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