Workers At LSU McDonald’s Steal $30K From Student Meal Cards


Employees at a McDonald’s in Louisiana State University’s Student Union were arrested for stealing at least $30,000 from student meals cards.

Four employees were arrested Wednesday in Baton Rouge after LSU police discovered cashiers and managers were overcharging students on school-issued debit cards, skimming the difference, and falsifying their records to hide the theft.

These debit cards contain “paw points” – for the school mascot Mike the Tiger – and can be used at certain restaurants and stores on and near the LSU campus.

At the McDonald’s students weren’t given receipts when they were overcharged increments of $1, $5, or $10. Managers would then adjust financial records to hide the stolen cash, according to auth

LSU police launched an investigation into the scheme after receiving an anonymous tip.

Investigators found in a two-day period in October, the location stole $1,400 in overcharges.

Records from McDonald’s show that until recently the scheme racked up more than $31,000.

Investigators say the fraud dates back at least one year, but possibly several years, reported The Advocate. An unidentified woman told investigators “to her knowledge they have been doing this since the early part of 2012 and possibly before that, as early as the implementation of that system.”

Jeannine A. Rooks, 34; Constance Lacole Brown, 31; Bertrand Lawrence Brown, 34; and Danielle Marie Casey, 23, were booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on felony counts of theft, according to LSU spokesman Capt. Cory Lalonde.

Police plan to make at least on more arrested in the case.

Sources: Daily Journal, The Advocate


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