Workers Decide To Throw Out An Old Mannequin That Isn’t Really A Mannequin


Law enforcement officials in Florida’s Hernando County are investigating an apparent suicide that took place in the state’s Spring Hill. 

The circumstances surrounding the investigation are strange, as the body was discovered by workers cleaning out the house who reportedly mistook the body for a mannequin. 

According to the Tampa Tribune, those tasked with clearing the house placed the body in the back of a pickup truck along with a host of other debris after believing it to be a mannequin. According to Tampa Bay’s 10 News, the workers were simply hired to clean out the house so they took what they had found to the dump. 

Workers at the West Hernando Transfer Station reported to police that they had discovered the “somewhat mummified” remains of an individual that turned out to be 33-year-old Jeremy Witsoth. 

Witsoth’s body was apparently accompanied by a suicide note that was scrawled on the wall of the home where his body was found. The man had recently split with his girlfriend and children and been evicted from the home where he was found hanging. 

“They thought it was a Halloween prop or mannequin hanging in the garage as a cruel hoax by the former tenants,” said Hernando Sheriff Al Nienhuis when questioned about the worker’s inability to identify the body upon arriving at the home. 

No charges have been filed in the discovery, and the investigation is ongoing. 

Sources: Tampa TribuneTampa Bay's 10 News


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