Worker Dies After Being Tangled in Bowling Alley Machinery (Video)


David Geiger was killed on Thursday afternoon when his clothing got caught in some pin-setting machinery at the Northwest Lanes bowling alley in Fairfield, Ohio.

Geiger, 53, was making a maintenance call while customers were bowling in other lanes (video below).

No one heard or witnessed Geiger die of strangulation by the equipment, noted the Cincinnati Enquirer.

"He was sent back for a problem with one of the lanes," Fairfield Police spokesperson Doug Day told WCPO. "He'd been back there, they tried to call him, and when he didn't answer the call they went back there and they found him."

The Butler County Coroner's report stated that Geiger's death was accidental.

The owners of Northwest Lanes said they were "very sad and upset" over Geiger's unexpected passing.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspected the bowling alley on Friday, but says a full investigation could take weeks.

"The machines are about 40 to 50 years old, they're good machines, but just like any running machine they're dangerous," Nathan Hursell, a former employee of the bowling alley, told WCPO. "They got gears, pulleys, everything's running back there."

Sources: Cincinnati Enquirer, WCPO


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