Wool & Prince Debut No-Wash Button-Down Shirt


What could possibly be better than a wrinkle-free, odor-free shirt that is six times softer than cotton?

Well, how about one that doesn’t need cleaning? That’s right – no cleaning.

For all those around the globe who dread the laundry process, a small New York City startup is claiming their big idea consists of a button-down shirt that can be worn not once, not twice, but up to 100 times without needing any maintenance whatsoever.

The company, Wool & Prince, claims the idea behind the revolutionary product came based on a fairly basic problem – if guys can wear jeans for up to several days without needing to wash them, why not shirts?

“Normal button-downs wrinkle and smell after a wear or two. This requires harsh washing, dry-cleaning, and ironing which slowly wears down the shirt until it is worn out after 2-3 years,” the company’s president stated. “Well then … what now? We found that guys love jeans for their versatile, low-maintenance nature, but didn’t have an above-the-waist option that even came close … until now.”

Wool & Prince reportedly spent upwards of six months developing its cotton-soft wool fabric, which they claim is six times softer than cotton. As if that’s not enough to entice buyers, the shirt – termed the Better Button-Down – is also naturally odor and wrinkle-free.

And despite being in just the initial stages of production, the Better Button-Down shirt has already generated a remarkable $168,000 – far exceeding the Kickstarter goal of $30,000. The Kickstarter campaign also still has 21 days to go.  

The wash-free shirts are currently being sold at the Kickstarter price of $98. There’s no indication of how much Wool & Prince will charge for the Better Button-Down shirt if it hits retail racks.

Sources: Inquisitr, Kickstarter, Wool & Prince


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