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Women Who Allegedly Forced Their Teen Daughter To Eat Cat Litter Get $100,000 In Bonds

Allegations of appalling abuse have been levied against a couple in Independence, Missouri.

The allegations claim that the women forced their 14-year-old girl to eat a pot pie covered in cat litter as a punishment, Fox Carolina reported. The girl told officers that she broke free after they beat her. She grabbed a cell phone and called her grandmother for help.

The girl told investigators that she had to ask for permission to enter her own home. Her mothers, April Coulson and Mary Seutter, reportedly forced her to walk backwards when she entered the house so that she could not see the television.

They even created a hiding spot in a closet in their home to conceal the bruised up girl from investigators, according to police. They say that the girl was punched, slapped and kicked for not sleeping facing the wall. She was also punished for showering for longer than five minutes and was not allowed to do it alone.

Police say that people probably missed the marks on the girl because the women would intentionally hurt her in spots that are hard to see and often covered her bruises with makeup.

Neighbors said the couple was often very drunk.

“I heard the mother and the girlfriend fighting a lot,” neighbor Terri Sanders told Fox Carolina. “I don’t think she (the teenage girl) was very happy. You could tell by looking at her. She’d go to the mailbox.

"She would never hardly talk. She was solemn like that.”

The girl was also punished after she reported the abuse to a school resource officer in May, court documents say. She was forced to write “I will not call DFS for no reason” 1,000 times. She was hit repeatedly after she could not find the right keys to the door when the two women were too drunk to unlock it themselves.

“She did run away," Sanders said. "She ran away last Friday night. The mother came over and used our phone."

Police say Coulson admitted that she was a “horrible mother” and both physically and mentally abused the girl. She added that she was often too drunk to remember what she had done.

The women are both behind bars on $100,000 bonds.

It is not clear whether the girl is now in in protective custody or living with family members.

In the 2014 fiscal year, Missouri’s Department of Social Services saw an average of 5,686 reports involving 8,508 children every month, according to the department’s website.

Sources: Fox Carolina, Missouri Department of Social Services

Photo Credit: Screenshot via Fox Carolina


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