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Women Use Animal Remains to Harass Ex-Boyfriend

Breaking up with women is difficult enough, but one breakup turned flat out nightmarish after a scorned Swedish woman used pig heads to intimidate her ex-boyfriend. Though the details of the break up are unclear, it’s fairly certain the relationship didn’t end well.

Three southern Swedish women, two of whom are sisters and the third their mother, have been charged with unlawful persecution after harassing a group of 11 men for over a year. One of the men in the group is believed to be the ex-boyfriend of one of the three women. The other 10 men are friends of the primary victim.  

The women used dead animal remains as their means of torture. At one point, the women allegedly dressed up dolls to look like the men, and then replaced the doll heads with pig heads. The men also claim the women sent them taunting text messages and letters, vandalized cars and put up threatening signs as other means of intimidation.

“They've put dolls dressed up as people in a roundabout, and parts of slaughtered animals have been placed on the dolls. The goal was to humiliate people there," Robert Loeffel of the Kronoberg County Police told Sveriges Radio in Sweden. "I've never heard anything like it in my thirty years as a police officer,” he added.

According to police, the men felt unsafe and reported the harassment to the police. The women will be formally charged later this week with harassment and unlawful persecution in an indictment hearing.

Sources: Daily News, The Local


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