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Michigan Police: Men Set Up Double-Date Armed Robbery Scam

A double date set up on Facebook turned out to be a scheme to rob women at gunpoint.

Two brothers allegedly lured two women from Inkster, Michigan, to a house in Ecorse to rob them, reports My Fox Detroit.

Police in Ecorse, a suburb of Detroit, say Rashard Thomas convinced a woman he met on social media to come meet him and his brother Willie and to bring a friend. Willie was allegedly waiting for the two women with a loaded gun that was stolen from Lincoln Park.

The next day Rashard allegedly did it again. This time, he invited a woman from Detroit to “hang out.” She got held up as well, and robbed of $400.

“He took out a gun, robbed her, kicked her out of the house, and sent her off walking,” Ecorse Sgt. Cornelius Herring told My Fox Detroit.

All three victims reported the robberies to police shortly after they occurred.

Investigators were unable to make any progress in the first incident with the two women. When police went to investigate the second robbery, they reached out to people nearby, who helped lead them to the suspects.

“Yeah, those guys are right next door,” the people reportedly told the investigators.

The two men are now behind bars and are each being held on $250,000 bail. They are facing armed robbery charges.

“I think (the women are) lucky they weren’t murdered,” Herring told My Fox Detroit.

The Ecorse police chief added that the three women may not have been the only victims.

According to 2012 data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation Uniform Crime Reports, the city of Detroit had the fourth highest robbery rate of any U.S. city.

The number of robberies in Detroit per 100,000 people came to 684.9. Detroit also ranked No. 1 in terms of violent crime and murder.

Sources: My Fox Detroit, Wikipedia / Photo credit: Screenshot via My Fox Detroit


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