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Women Swoon Over Criminal's Hot Mug Shot, Goes Viral

A mug shot of Jeremy Meeks, who was recently arrested on five weapons charges and one gang charge, has become an enormous hit on the Internet among women around the world.

According to The Washington Post, Meeks has six prior felonies, but the Stockton, California, Police Facebook page was overrun with traffic from females when it posted the mugshot of the dreamy multiple offender.

In response, Stockton Police Officer Joseph Silva told the Associated Press that Meeks was “one of the most violent criminals in the Stockton area," but that had no effect on the 50,000 Facebook shares and 16,000 comments from love-sick women.

According to, some of the admirers wrote on Facebook:

If he broke into my house, I don’t know who should be more afraid.

He’s just making my dreams come true, a bad beautyfull (sic) guy.

Meeks has not raised his $900,000 bail money, but women around the country are calling the jail where he is being held to lend their support and leave their phone numbers in hopes that the dangerous criminal will call them once he gets out, CBS Sacramento notes.

Sources: CBS Sacramento,, Associated Press, Facebook, The Washington Post


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