Women Seduce Las Vegas Tourists, Steal Their Rolex Watches


Three women were arrested after it was discovered that they stole expensive Rolex watches from tourists in Las Vegas and stuck them in their vaginas to smuggle them out of a hotel.

Reports say that two women seduced a tourist from India at his hotel in Las Vegas and eventually went back up to his room along with a third woman and the man’s friend. Eventually, things started to get heated, and both men began to engage in sexual activity with the women. The ladies reportedly got the men drunk and in the process, the guys took their Rolex watches off. One watch is reportedly worth $12,000 and the other is worth $4,000.

The police report alleges that Bryanna Warren, 23, Trinity Kennard, 23, and Charmella Triggs were able to swipe the watches while the men weren’t looking and fled soon after. One of the men noticed that his watch was missing just as the women were making their exit and chased them down the hall to the elevator. The arrest report claims that Triggs pulled out a stun gun and used it to keep the man away.

The women were able to escape the men, but they were arrested when the man contacted hotel security. Surveillance video from the elevators caught two of them squatting and inserting items into their vaginas. When they were searched, one of the watches was found inside Kennard’s vagina, and the other was found in Warren’s purse.

All three women were arrested and charged with burglary, conspiracy to commit grand larceny and conspiracy to commit burglary.

Sources: Fox 5 Vegas, Liberaland, Las Vegas Sun


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