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Women Claim Toddlers' Eyebrows Waxed At Daycare (Photos)

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Women Claim Toddlers' Eyebrows Waxed At Daycare (Photos) Promo Image

Two Washington state mothers were horrified when they discovered that their toddlers' eyebrows had been waxed while at daycare.

Alyssa Salgado and Glenda Maria Cruz both took to Facebook to complain after they discovered that daycare workers at the Boys and Girls Club daycare center waxed their toddlers' eyebrows.

"I really didnt wanna make this a big deal but today my life change i never thought something like these would or could of happened to my son like wtf were this ladys from sons daycare were thinking to waxes his eyebrows and not just him they also did it to my friends daughter I know a lot of you are going to say this not a big deal but honestly for me it is because their skin is really delicate and no lady has the right to do this to any kid," Cruz wrote in a Facebook post.

"When we went to [confront] the lady who is in charge there all she said was that she talked to her staff and they all say they didn't do it and then she asked me what I wanted with a smile on her face and then told me that no one is forcing me to bring my son [to] CBC daycare but I'm paying for they can watch him good not to be waxing his eyebrows honestly I don't know how other moms will react if this was your child for me I feel like this is a warning like they did this what's next."

Salgado claimed in her post that she dropped her 2-year-old daughter off at daycare was shocked when she noticed a red patch of skin between her eyes when she picked her up later in the day.

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"I, like, got a closer look and I saw she was missing her patch of hair because she has a unibrow and she was born like that," Salgado told WLTX.

The Boys and Girls Club quickly responded to the controversy.

"The Boys and Girls Club takes these allegations seriously and will work to support the investigation process," the organization wrote in a statement to the Tri-City Herald, adding that they were "committed to operating safe and supportive programs."

Salgado told WLTX that she hopes investigators eventually figure out who waxed her daughter's eyebrows and hold them accountable.

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Both women took their daughters out of the daycare after discovering the alleged waxing.

The Washington State Department of Early Learning confirmed that it was investigating the incident. Officials stated that they expected the investigation to take no longer than 30 days to complete.

Sources: Tri-City Herald, Glenda Maria Cruz/Facebook, WLTX / Featured Image: Grant Barrett/Flickr / Embedded Images: Glenda Maria Cruz/Facebook, Facebook via Tri-City Herald

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