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Women Post Names, Photos Of Husbands' Mistresses on Homewrecker Website (Video)

A new website allows scorned wives to get back at other women who allegedly have affairs with their husbands. features women from across the country who are labeled "homewreckers" by wives (video below).

“I met him at work,” Lorena Velasco, who found herself listed on the site, told CBS Sacramento. “He really didn’t tell me much about her. [He was] going through a separation, the marriage just didn’t work out.”

While Velasco never thought of herself as a homewrecker, her pictures were taken from her Facebook page by the man's wife and uploaded to

“It’s hurtful. It’s very hurtful,” added Velasco. “I guess she was so scorned that she felt the need to Facebook-stalk me, steal my pictures and say these things about me.”

Velasco, a single mom, is worried the homewrecker listing might stop her from finding a job.

"I hate to say it, but it's going to, it can follow you for the rest of your life," the owner of, Ariella Alexander, told ABC News. "You appear on Google, I mean, everyone now knows what you've done."

Alexander claims she wants to give victims of affairs a voice and scare women away from married men.

“Yes, it’s a man’s fault, but I expect more from a woman," Alexander told CBS Sacramento. "I think women should respect other women.”

Even though Alexander admits that some stories posted on her site may not be true, she relieves herself of responsibility.

“I provide the platform and I post the stories, but I’m not responsible to verify the validity of the stories,” claimed Alexander.

“Once you sleep with a married man, that’s it," said Alexander. "You’re a homewrecker. Anything after that, if the wife wants to call you a slut, if she wants to call you a whore, she wants to call you a trollip, call you whatever she wants to call you, that’s her opinion based on the events of the affair."

Alexander claims that she has never been successfully sued and is starting a website to shame men,

Sources: CBS Sacramento,, ABC News


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