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Women Meets Online Boyfriend For First Time, Fractures His Skull With A Metal Bat

An Alabama man who traveled across the country to live with a woman he had been dating online for two years got an unexpected surprise that landed him in the hospital with a fractured skull.

Haley Fox, 24, of Oregon, had been in an online relationship with Samuel Campbell for two years.

On April 8, the couple decided to take the next step in their relationship and move in together.

Campbell traveled to Oregon to finally meet his girlfriend of two years, but it didn’t go as well as he had hoped.

Campbell arrived at Fox’s home in Turner, Oregon on April 8. She reportedly took him to an outside table to drink wine and asked him to close his eyes. She then grabbed a metal baseball bat and hit Campbell in the back of his head three times, Daily Mail reported.

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Campbell suffered a fractured skull and cuts to his head that required staples, reported. Fox reportedly told investigators she hit Campbell with the bat because she did not want to be his girlfriend.

Investigators learned a third person, Jennifer Beaumont, 26, may have been present at the home and witnessed the attack. Police questioned her, but her involvement is still unclear.

Fox was arrested on April 9 and charged with first-degree assault. She posted bail and has yet to enter a plea. Her attorney, Kevin Lafky, said the accusations made by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office are inaccurate.

“Suffice it to say we completely disagree with the characterization of the facts that have been made by the sheriff’s office,” Lafky told

Campbell was treated and released from Salem Hospital. Fox is scheduled to be arraigned in court next week.

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Photo Credit: Marion County Sheriff's Office Via Daily Mail


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