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Women in Kurdistan Workers’ Party Join Fight Against ISIS

Hundreds of women from the Turkish Kurdistan Workers’ party have joined forces with other soldiers trying to stop Islamic State militants from continuously capturing women in Iraq.

Islamic State in Iraq and Syria militants have abducted thousands of women in Iraq in recent weeks, targeting women who do not practice Islam. ISIS has sold many of the women as sex slaves, according to the Irish Mirror.

The thoroughly-armed women soldiers are hoping they can help force ISIS militants to leave northern Iraq.

The women have combined forces with Peshmerga forces from the Iraqi Kurdish region. The area serves as a site for thousands of members of the Yazidi religious minority group have fled for safety to the mountains. The Yazidi individuals are now trapped in the location.

“Our support is just as important for the Peshmerga as these U.S. strikes – bombings alone cannot get rid of guerrilla groups,” said Sedar Botan, a veteran commander and one of the women soldiers joining the fight. “We will keep fighting until all of Kurdistan is safe.”

Though the United States and the United Kingdom have considered the Kurdistan Workers’ party a terrorist organization, as it has used bombed roads in Turkey and killed women and children, they are now fighting on the same side as the U.S.

“There has been a re-drawing of battlefield alliances as people who were once enemies have joined together to try and defeat the scourge that is the Islamic State,” said Nasser Kataw, an expert on terrorist groups in Iraq.

Source: Irish Mirror


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