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Women Files Lawsuit After Being Stabbed With Stiletto At NYC Hotel Bar

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A 26-year-old New Jersey resident has filed a $5 million lawsuit against the Gansevoort Hotel and a Belgian tourist after she was stabbed in the leg with a stiletto during a bachelorette party earlier this year. 

The woman, Amanda Keisoglu, was reportedly attending her cousin’s bachelorette party on the Gansevoort’s rooftop bar when a fight broke out between a Belgian tourist named Marie Thys and another patron of the bar. Thys apparently pulled Keisoglu, who was otherwise unconnected, into the scuffle. 

“I felt my wrist get pulled, and it forced me to turn around. Then she kicked my inner thigh,” Keisoglu said, according to the Daily Mail. 

Keisoglu’s injuries were quite serious, as the wound was too deep for stitches and she was forced to remained hospitalized for at least three days after the attack. Her lawsuit alleges that the hotel and Thys did not take adequate measures to prevent the fight from occurring, especially because Thys was “visibly intoxicated” yet continued to be served alcohol. 

“The bar at the Plunge continued to keep serving [Thys] even though she was ‘belligerent and violent against other patrons for some time prior to the attack,’” a portion of the lawsuit reads. 

According to the New York Post, Keisoglu attended the bar with a group of 12 friends and relatives, who had purchased a table with bottle service. It’s unclear at this point how the case will progress.

Sources: Daily Mail, New York Post


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