Women Fight During Children's Christmas Show


A fight broke out between two Canadian women during a children's Christmas show at the Arcola Community School in Regina, Saskatchewan, on Tuesday night.

When the concert was coming to a close, the women got into an argument, which escalated into a physical fight, according to police.

Naomi Angel Marie Asapace, 29, was arrested and charged with assault, noted CJME.

"Ruined the kids concert," one parent reportedly wrote on the school's Facebook page. "My son was embarrassed. We left just as police swarmed the school. Brought down the joy the kids were feeling."

CBC News reports the school principal issued a statement on Wednesday that said in part:

For those of you who attended the evening concert, it is unfortunate for your children and our community to have experienced such a terrible and troubling event from a few adults who decided to bring their outside issues into our school. It is unacceptable for adults to display behavior in our school that contradicts our values of Kindness, Fairness and Respect and put our community at risk with such foolish and unsafe behavior.

Sources: CJME, CBC News
Image Credit: Lily Renee


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