Why Did These Women Swear Off Toilet Paper?


Some women have found one more way to go green: not using toilet paper.

Three bloggers told HuffPost Live that they switched to reusable cloths to save the environment and found the switch surprisingly easy.

Angela Davis of Frugal Living Portland, told host Caitlyn Becker that it started as an experiment with her family to find new ways to go green. Now her whole family uses washable cloths in the bathroom.

She says her family of six spent $136 a year on toilet paper and with cloth wipes they spend only $42.

“And that included the cost of washing them … plus the detergent and the water.”

“Does it ever make the washing machine smell bad?” Becker asked.

“No, not at all. It’s similar to cloth diapers,” Davis responded. “It’s really not that big a deal, other than training yourself to grab a cloth instead of the roll of toilet paper – that’s really the biggest learning curve.”

Makala Earley, a blogger at Healthy Honeys, said she stopped using toilet paper about a year ago and found it’s not a necessity after all. She said the only time they run into trouble is when she’s out of the house and it’s more difficult to take clothes on the go.

Kathleen Quiring, a blogger at Becoming Peculiar, said she cut up an old flannel baby blanket to use. She said she’s currently potty-training her daughter, who used cloth diapers.

“As she gets more independent, I’ll expect her to use the cloth,” Quiring said.

Quiring said she doesn’t mind when guests come over and want to use traditional toilet paper. She said only one guest ever wanted to try the cloths.

When Becker asked if the women considered using water and their hands, sans cloths, like many eastern cultures, they weren’t on board.

“You’re look at me like I’m crazy!” Becking said.

Sources: Newser, HuffPost Live, Salon


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