Women In Colombia Town Stop Having Sex Until Road is Fixed


In the small Colombian town of Barbacaos, some women are taking a stand to try and get the condition of a road that connects them to the rest of the country improved.

The women of Barbacaos are pledging that until the road is fixed, they will stop having sex altogether. Participants of the sex strike say that because of the condition of the road, it takes them up to 14 hours to get to the nearest hospital, which proves to be a huge problem.

This is the second time in two years that the women of the town have gone on a sex strike. The first time was in 2011 when they demanded that the same road be fixed, and the strike eventually ended when government officials promised them that it would be fixed. Two years later, however, no progress has been made, so the women are again launching the strike, which they call the “crossed legs movement.”

The original strike came about after the women of the town saw a young woman in labor and her unborn child died because the ambulance got stuck on the road, failing to make it to the hospital in time.

“Why bring children into this world when they can just die without medical attention and we can't even offer them the most basic rights?” asked strike leader Ruby Quinonez in 2011. “We decided to stop having sex and stop having children until the state fulfills its previous promises.”

According to reports, the strike has already motivated the government to begin work on the road.


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