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Women Brawl Over Crying Baby On Air China Flight

A crying baby on a long fight is irritating, but two women flew into a rage over it on an Air China flight, resulting in a brawl that almost caused an emergency landing. 

Two women were woken up on a flight bound for Hong Kong by a baby crying. They complained to the infant’s mother, Chan Juan Sung, 27. As the situation escalated, the two women reclined their seats to aggravate Sung. A scuffle ensued and cabin crew was forced to intervene, but not before a woman hit her head on an overhead luggage locker.

Passenger Xiong Wan, 45, told Daily Mail “I was sitting right next to them when they started telling the woman to shut the baby up. She started shouting back at them and before I knew what was happening she leant over the seat and punched one of them.”

“They then started hitting her and all hell broke loose. They were fighting, the baby was now screaming and other passengers were shouting. It was like some bizarre film.”

At one point, the pilot threatened to land the plane early if the women couldn’t stop fighting. Luckily, the flight made it to Hong Kong on time. Local police officers were waiting at the gate to interview passengers about the fight.

Air China spokesman Daio Weimin said, “Passengers cannot behave like this. Each and everyone must adhere to aviation laws to ensure a safe and comfortable flight for all.”

Source: Daily Mail Image via Daily Mail


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