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Women Brutally Attacked During 30-Minute 'Feeding Frenzy' (Photos)

Women Brutally Attacked During 30-Minute 'Feeding Frenzy' (Photos)  Promo Image

Two young women from Indiana are in recovery after being viciously attacked by a pack of pit bulls, police say.

Cousins Isabella George, 19, and Rebekah Forgey, 20, were jogging on a rural country road in Carroll County, Indiana, when four pit bulls approached and viciously attacked them on Oct. 1, WTHR reported.

The two women ran across a field towards their home, but the dogs outran them and took them to the ground, tearing at their flesh. Police described the attack as a 30-minute long "feeding frenzy," according to the Daily Mail.

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Forgey had more than 75 percent of her scalp torn off and muscle was ripped from her leg. She is in intensive care and currently in stable condition. She will need skin and muscle grafts and will not be able to grow her hair back.

George is recovering at home, with deep puncture wounds and large bruises from head to toe.

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The dogs' owner, Richard Darter, 50, tried to stop the attack, only to be bitten himself, The Indy Channel reported.

The women and the owner were finally saved when a motorist passed by and spotted the attack happening. She drove into the field, scattering the dogs, and hauled the victims away in her truck.

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Carroll County Sheriff Toby Leazenby called the woman who saved the victims a "godsend" because the chances of somebody driving by on the remote country road at that moment were very slim, according to the Daily Mail.

The dogs were found by police early on Oct. 2; one was shot dead and the other three were euthanized, the Lafayette Journal & Courier reported.

Darter has been previously cited for not controlling his dogs, most recently in June, and Leazenby is calling for prosecutors to press charges against him.

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Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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