Women Attack McDonald's Employee For Slow Service

Three Ohio women were arrested June 8 for reportedly attacking an employee at McDonald's who they felt was not filling their orders quickly enough.

Ashley England, Mary Jordan, and Sammie Whaley were identified from a security video after the assault. England and Jordan have also been charged with child endangerment after their children reportedly participated in the attack, according to the Daily Mail.

According to police in Bellevue, Ohio, the employee was attacked "in the parking lot because she was working too slowly when dealing with three women and their family and friends."

Jordan and England both have wide grins in their booking photos. Jordan was reported to already have been on probation and is being held in the Erie County Jail for violating her probation terms, according to WTXF. Whaley was only charged with assault.

England was also charged with theft, though it is not clear was she is accused of stealing.

Facebook users commenting on the Bellevue Police Department's post about the incident criticized the women.

"They look like they're proud of what they've done," wrote Marilyn Mazza Hamann. "Wow, I truly feel sorry for their kids. Children learn what they live...these poor kids!!"

"Guess this will be something to watch and see what consequences they have, if any," added Alex Marquez. "Their behavior is disgraceful."

In a similar incident in 2012, two women assaulted a cashier at a McDonald's in New York City's Greenwich Village after the employee questioned whether a $50 bill that they had used was counterfeit, according to New York Daily News.

Denise Darbeau and Rachel Edwards chased employee Rayon McIntosh into the kitchen, where Darbeau screamed, "I'm going to cut you, I'm going to f*** you up!" McIntosh fought back, fracturing Darbeau's skull. The incident was caught on film and went viral online.

Darbeau and Edwards faced up to seven years for burglary, but through a plea deal Darbeau received five years of probation and Edwards received 10 days of community service. McIntosh, who had served 10 years for manslaughter, was arrested and fired from his job at McDonald's, but did not go to jail for the incident.

Sources: Daily Mail, Bellevue Police Department/​Facebook, WTXF, New York Daily News / Photo credit: Bellevue Police Department/Facebook

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