Woman Arrested For Questioning Police Arrest? (Video)


Police officer Steve Dyke was filmed in Chico, California, arresting Nicole Braham (both pictured) on Aug. 27 by one of Braham's friends. During the arrest, a second friend of Braham's was also arrested (video below).

Genna Little, who knows the women but was not present at the scene, posted the video on her Facebook page Aug. 27 with the following caption:

My roommates were victim of an overzealous Chico Police Officer, Officer Dyke last night in Chico, CA. They were sober and outside her home.

The officer abused them, both verbally and physically, and then sent her to jail for a "broken tail light" that wasn't broken at all. It's one thing to see this on the news but it's another to have it happen to people that you're close to.

This officer MUST have his badge removed at all costs. If ANYONE knows of a good lawyer/a way for my friend to receive legal aid I would be so incredibly appreciative.

In the video, Braham tells Dyke that he is bending her fingers, and then pulls away. Dyke appears to take her down to the ground.

As Dyke attempts to handcuff Braham, two of her friends -- one of whom is Madeline Hemphill -- repeatedly ask Dyke what Braham did.

After Hemphill tells Dyke that he is being videotaped, Dyke tells some officers who have just arrived, "Take her to jail. Take her to jail."

When Braham stands up, Dyke takes her to the ground and says: "Stop resisting, please. You're under arrest."

An unidentified police officer tells the woman who is filming to step back "off the road" and requests her ID.

Later, Dyke asks the tearful woman what her name is.

When she asks why her name is being taken, Dyke tells her that she is a witness.

"I was pulling her over for a traffic violation and she refused to comply," Dyke states, notes Photography Is Not A Crime.

"She had a light out in her back," Dyke adds.

"My light is out?" the woman asks.

"Yeah, you have a license plate lamp out," Dyke states.

The Chico Police Department posted a very long statement on its Facebook page Aug. 27 that recalled an incident that happened earlier in the night with Hemphill and Dyke:

During the investigation, Officer Dyke witnessed two females watching the investigation and filming with their cellular telephones. One of the females, later identified as Madeline Hemphill, initially started filming the investigation from the sidewalk area then moved into the middle of the street.

Officer Dyke asked Hemphill to move out of the street. After three repeated requests, Officer Dyke had to command Hemphill out of the street for her safety as she initially stated she had the right to stand there.

Hemphill was one of the women who was asking Dyke why he was arresting Braham, which is when the video picks up.

The Chico Police Department added:

Officer Dyke made the decision to place Braham under arrest for resisting and delaying a peace officer ... While detaining Braham, Officer Dyke witnessed Hemphill start to yell and attempt to distract him, ultimately, moving behind him ... While doing so, Hemphill was contacted by other Officers and attempts were made to detain her for officer safety purposes. Hemphill also resisted the detention by multiple Officers.

Hemphill pulled away from Officers and tensed her arms in attempts to resist being placed into handcuffs. Based on her failure to cooperate and resisting arrest, Officers had to place Hemphill on the ground, where she was detained into handcuffs. Hemphill was ultimately placed under arrest for resisting and delaying a peace officer. Hemphill would later submit to a blood alcohol screening at the Chico Police holding facility, which yielded a .141 blood alcohol content.

In the video, Dyke told the arriving officers to take Hemphill to jail, not detain her.

Sources: Photography Is Not A Crime, Genna Little/FacebookChico Police Department/Facebook / Photo credit: Photography is Not a Crime/YouTube​

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