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Women Arrested After Police Discover Heroin In Last Place They Thought To Look

A man and two women were arrested and are now facing drug charges following a traffic stop in northern Arizona, a Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office spokesman said recently.

One of the women had to be transported to a nearby hospital to have heroin — that she had allegedly hidden in her vagina — removed from her body, KSAZ News reported.

The traffic stop occurred Monday when a deputy pulled over a Chrysler PT Cruiser, driven by 29-year-old Michael Torrez, for what has been described in news reports as an equipment violation.

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(Michael Torrez)

In the car with Torrez were Miranda Baldonado and Sarah Valencia, who are both 19 years old and from New Mexico, according to KPHO News. 

“While conversing with the occupants, deputies noticed numerous signs of deception as the occupants of the vehicle appeared more nervous than the innocent motoring public,” Sheriff's Office spokesman Dwight D’Evelyn said in a news release. 

One of the deputies reportedly suspected the three might be transporting drugs and asked to search the vehicle. When Baldonado, to whom the car is registered, declined to allow the search, the deputy circled the vehicle with a K-9 who reportedly alerted that there were drugs in the vehicle.

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(Miranda Baldonado)

Following a search of the vehicle’s trunk, the deputy found more than a pound of heroin wrapped in condoms, D’Evelyn said. 

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(Sarah Valencia)

“Deputies also learned that Baldonado and Valencia had each concealed a quantity of heroin inside their ‘private area’ while the deputy was pulling them over,” the spokesman said in his news release. 

Valencia was reportedly able to remove the drugs she had hidden, but Baldonado required medical attention to remove the heroin from inside her body. 

“Additional heroin was discovered during a follow-up search of the vehicle,” D’Evelyn wrote in the release. “The total weight of heroin recovered came to 1.8 pounds.”

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All three suspects were booked into Camp Verde Detention Center on various drug charges including transportation and possession of narcotics for sale. The two women also face charges of evidence tampering. 

Valencia and Baldonado were last reported being held on $150,000 bonds. Torrez, who was found to be on parole for drug charges in New Mexico, had bond set at $180,000. 

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Photo Credit: KPHO News courtesy of Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office


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