Woman Turns Canceled Wedding Into Event For Needy Kids


A New York woman did something heartwarming and unexpected after her wedding reception was canceled.

Yiru Sun of Manhattan, New York, was scheduled to be wed in a lavish ceremony at the elegant Harold Pratt House on May 7, NY Post reported. However, the wedding was called off after Sun refused to sign a pre-nuptial agreement proposed by her husband-to-be.

"I don't want to sign things I don't feel comfortable with," Sun, a vice president at New York Life Insurance and Princeton University graduate, told the NY Post.

The canceled ceremony included a reception for which Sun had already put down a nonrefundable $8,000 deposit.

Instead of calling off the reception, the young woman decided to turn the event into a luncheon for 60 needy children and their families. The Salvation Army and Inwood House, two local nonprofit organizations that assist the poor, helped her select the families to invite.

"At that moment, I started to think it was God's plan," she said about her idea, which she came up with three weeks after the wedding was canceled.

"I cannot be the princess of my wedding day, but I can give the kids a fairy tale."

Sun, who is the single mother of a 6-year-old girl, told her guests at the May 7 event that she herself grew up poor in China, but she studied hard in America and earned a full scholarship to attend graduate school at Princeton University.

The woman, who wore her white bridal dress to the luncheon, told her attendees they could still achieve great things in life in spite of obstacles.

In addition to a feast, the children at the event were treated to face painting, ice pops and balloons.

"It's special because this lady canceled a special day for her family and herself just for little kids to have fun," Kimberly Gil, 10, said. Kimberly attended the event with her mother, Amelia Victorio.

This is not the first time a bride-to-be has turned her heartbreak into something positive for the community.

In October 2015, the family of a young California woman turned her canceled wedding banquet into a feast for local homeless shelter residents, KCRA reported at the time. The 90 homeless guests enjoyed an extravagant meal of steak, gnocchi, salad and appetizers at Citizen Hotel in Sacramento, California. 

Sources: NY Post, KCRA / Photo Credit: John M. Mantel/NY Post

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