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Woman's Unexpected Encounter With Cop Goes Viral

A Las Vegas police officer's act of kindness on the highway has gone viral on social media.

The unnamed officer reportedly changed a woman's flat tire after pulling her over, which is what the viral photograph shows.

The story begins when Dorothy Ortiz was driving to work on the morning of June 15, WDAF reports.

Ortiz was almost at her exit on Interstate 15 when she noticed a police officer behind her.

"I just figured, he’s going to give me a ticket for something," Ortiz said. "And that’s when he told me I had a flat tire. I just figured the officer was going to keep driving."

The officer followed Ortiz to a nearby police station where he helped change her flat tire, KUTV reports.

That's when Ortiz snapped the photograph that later went viral.  Since being posted, the picture has received thousands of likes and shares.

"That’s when I realized, Wow. There really are good people out there," Ortiz said. "Thank you very much. I really appreciate it."

She added, "Everyone told me I could've gotten into a car accident. At the end of the day, he did save my life."

Sources: WDAF, KUTV / Photo credit: WDAF

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