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Woman's Troubling Response To Being Confronted Over Parking In Handicapped Space Goes Viral (Video)

A video of a verbal altercation over a disabled parking spot outside a California elementary school is making its rounds on the Internet, for a second time it seems. 

Yahoo7 recently ran the story about the video (shown below), which was posted to LiveLeak on May 26.

The edited video opens with text that reads: “I use disabled parking for my son who is in a wheelchair.”
“Often times, when I take him to kindergarten there is someone using those spaces who doesn’t have a disabled placard or plate,” the opening continues. “This is one of those days…”

The video then displays two still photos. The first shows a black SUV parked in an unloading zone next to a disabled parking spot. A woman can be seen sticking her head out of the driver’s side window, and appears to be saying something to the person taking the photo. 

The video indicates the woman was not happy about having her picture taken so she invited the photographer closer for another picture. The next still photo is the same woman extending the middle finger gesture to the camera. 

“Then, she parked across the street and we had words,” reads a subsequent message on the screen.

The next scene is audio and video, shot presumably by the same man, and the woman can be scene approaching the camera.

“You wanted me to move today?” she says in the video. “Get that camera out of my face.

“All you had to say was, ‘Hey m’am, that’s kinda rude why don’t you move?’” she says to the camera. “Instead of coming up and taking pictures of me. Is that not rude?

“You’re lucky my husband ain’t here,” she adds as she walks off. 

The man filming the video explains to her that she was parked in the unloading zone for the disabled spots.

“Do you have any idea who I am?” she says. “You might want to watch yourself.”

The argument escalates and the woman calls the man an “asshole.” 

After a break in the video the woman can then be heard arguing with the school’s principal. The final shots of the video show the woman’s vehicle and her license plate.

The new post on LiveLeak has been viewed over 2,400 times. 

But the first time the video made rounds it garnered far more attention. 

The original video, posted by Joshua Coleman to YouTube in September 2014, was viewed 1.8 million times. 

According to the post accompanying the YouTube video, the incident occurred outside Sargent Elementary School in Roseville, California, on Sept. 19, 2014. 

Sources: Yahoo7LiveLeakYouTube

Photo Credit: Screen shot from YouTube


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