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Woman's Success Predicted by Length of Ring Finger

While success can be measured in a number of ways, researchers recently discovered that a woman’s success could be measured by the size of her ring finger.

According to the study, a woman’s potential for success can be predicted by measuring the ring finger against the index finger. The longer the ring finger, the more likely the woman is to have entrepreneurial skills, business-oriented career preferences, and many other traits linked to a high stakes, successful career.

It was conducted by economists Aldo Rustichini and Luigi Guiso, who interviewed two thousand Italian men and women who owned small businesses.

Then they photographed their hands.

After they compared the images, they found that the ratio of index to ring finger was an indicator of certain traits like spatial ability, risk taking, and assertiveness.

Long ring fingers also correlated with success in sports, like skiing.

Those who had ring fingers 10 to 20 percent longer than their index finger were found to be the most successful entrepreneurs.

It also found that those who ran larger companies with greater growth rates had longer ring fingers.

They believe the science behind it begins during fetal development.

When the early limbic brain gets organized, fingers grow and elongate. The growth of fingers is associated with testosterone and estrogen hormones, coming from the fetus’s sex glands and the mother’s blood.

The ring finger of the fetus has more receptors for both of these hormones compared to the index finger.

Testosterone is thought to lengthen the fetal fingers, while estrogen stops their growth, meaning the balance of the hormones affects the ring and index fingers differently.



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