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Woman Posts Sign About Syringes Near Grave Of Heroin Overdose Victim (Video)

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A Massachusetts woman is under fire after she decided to post a controversial sign asking people not to dispose of syringes in her backyard (video below).

The problem: the sign is situated mere feet away from the grave of heroin overdose victim.

Barbara Simpson posted the sign after she allegedly discovered a syringe in her backyard, according to WCVB.

“I have two little 5-year-olds,” Simpson, a daycare owner, told the news station. “They love to play. They love to collect things in the woods.”

After discovering the syringe, she took it upon herself to put up a sign asking people to not throw away bottles and syringes on her property.

“This is a daycare,” reads one sign. “Please do not dispose of syringes/bottles over this fence.”

Despite her good intentions, the sign has stirred controversy due to the fact that it is posted just a few feet away from Evan Greene’s grave. Greene overdosed on heroin in 2014.

Greene’s parents say they don’t want to see the sign when they visit their son.

“It’s heart wrenching for us,” Greene's mother said.

“I don’t want to have reminders of something that took his life,” his father added.

“I still feel like I have to have something posted here to make it known that I have children that play here,” Simpson said. She added that her son’s best friend, who is also buried next to Evan, also died from a drug overdose.

Both the Greene family and Simpson agree that the cemetery should post a warning sign.

Source: WCVB, YouTube

Photo Credit:  WCVB


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