Woman's Quest To Find Man She Fell In Love With At Club Takes Unfortunate Turn (Photos)


A woman was left embarrassed after her search for a mystery man she met at a club ended with a message from his girlfriend.

Pippa McKinney, 22, said she met the man at a club on the night of her birthday and the two hit it off right away, Metro.co.uk reported. They danced, shared a kiss, and he even invited her to accompany him to a hotel room.

The next day, McKinney shared a picture of herself with the mystery love interest on Facebook in the hopes that friends could help track him down. To her shock, she received a reply back — from the young man’s girlfriend.

“‘I was absolutely gutted," she said, according to Metro.co.uk. "I know I had only met him on a night out but we instantly hit it off and I really did like him. I thought he looked stunning and he was really friendly, we just clicked.

“But when I realized he had a girlfriend I couldn’t believe it. I felt really embarrassed, especially once the post went viral. I feel embarrassed for his girlfriend too as this is not her fault.”

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The young man, named Matt, was subsequently dumped by his girlfriend, Emily, in a public Facebook status.

“Whenever I go out I feel like people are looking at me now as it seems everyone has heard about what happened. I just thought he was a really nice guy but I was obviously wrong,” McKinney said. 

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“I do feel a bit sorry for him now as there is so many people laughing at him but then he shouldn't have done what he did and he will have to face the consequences," she said. "I have been getting lots of abuse from people too but at the end of the day I was innocently looking for a lad I liked who I thought was single - I didn't do anything wrong."

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“From now on I'm going to be really wary before speaking to anyone else in a club or a bar in future as it has put me off. I would definitely be checking their number properly before I left if I did meet anyone I liked, but this incident has made me very wary to meet lads in bars,” she said. 

Sources: Daily MailMetro.co.uk / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily MailMetro.co.uk

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