Puppy Stolen From Yard Raises 'Pet Flipping' Concerns

A Tennessee dog owner is desperately searching for her puppy after she says it was stolen from a friend's yard.

Taylor Olcott says someone stole her 9-week-old Golden Retriever puppy Enzo from a fenced-in yard when her friend who was looking after the puppy briefly stepped away.

"Enzo was right in here, just playing," Olcott told WKRN. "The gate was fully shut and then when they came out of the house less than a minute later, the gate was wide open and Enzo was nowhere to be found."

Olcott says a neighbor told her that a brownish-gold car stopped in front of the yard before somebody grabbed Enzo and the car sped off. 

"It's heartbreaking," Olcott told WBTV.

Taylor says Enzo has been her companion since she lost her first dog Cooper to cancer. 

"To go through this heartbreak again with an animal you've grown so attached to, I can't describe it," she said.

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The incident occurred on Feb. 9 in Nashville, when Olcott's friend was taking care of Enzo.

"They were playing with Enzo in the yard here and they just went inside for 30 seconds, and when they got back out here the gate was open and there was a neighbor shouting the man in the car that was speeding down the street had just snatched up Enzo and sped off," Olcott told WBTV.

Olcott posted about the incident on social media, prompting many to join her in the search for her puppy.

"I have people looking all over the state, in other states," she said, according to WKRN. "Ninety-nine percent of them I don't even know and they are so willing to do anything they can to help me and it's unbelievable. The amount of support I've gotten from so many people that I don't even know."

Nashville police say reports of stolen dogs are fairly common. Thieves steal dogs and sell them for money, usually online. The practice is known as "pet flipping." 

"We have seen an increasing trend of pet flipping not only in the Nashville area, but the Middle Tennessee area in general," Leslie Morrison, president of Adopt a Golden Nashville, told WBTV.

Adopt a Golden Nashville encourages pet owners to always have ID tags on their pets and to have them microchipped, according to WKRN.

"I just hope he turns up somewhere," Olcott said. "We have a lot of people looking for him, that's for sure."

Sources: WKRNWBTV / Photo Credit: WBTV, Taylor Olcott via WKRN

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