Error On Woman's Birth Certificate Ruins Her Life

An error on a woman’s birth certificate stating she is a boy has led to her life being shattered and her marriage of 23 years being deemed an illegal gay marriage.

Kim Walmsey, 49, discovered the mistake on her birth certificate when she sought renewal of her Australian visa.

As a result, Walmsey was forced to leave Australia where she says she had built a dream life with her husband and five children, reports the Mirror. The cost of the move back to the UK was $253,000.

“The whole thing is absolutely disgusting. I’ve lived nearly 40 years not realising I was actually registered as a boy and then all of a sudden my whole life fell apart,” Walmsey said. “In the eyes of the law we were technically two men marrying and that was against the law at the time.”

Westminster sanctuary ruled her marriage to Jack was against the law and it was confirmed in a letter from the Arch Bishop of Canterbury, reports Yahoo 7 News.

When Walmsey’s Liverpool neighborhood found out what happened, she became the victim of homophobic slurs because neighbors believed she was in a gay marriage.

“We live in a small community and we felt really intimidated. I don’t want people thinking I’ve had a sex change," Walmsey said. “Some people might think the kids are adopted and that I’m trying to hide the fact I’m a man.”

Born in February 1965, Walmsey’s birth certificate stated she was female but it was incorrectly recorded in the register’s office that she was male. She is now being told by the General Registry Office that they cannot offer any help.

"Since I found out I have tried everything I can possibly think of to get it changed but it’s like banging your head against a brick wall,” Walmsey said.

"This is a ludicrous case of a mistake which was made nearly half a century ago, which is still plaguing Kim and her family today," Walmsey’s MP Bill Esterson said. "The fact that Kim is obviously a female is unquestionable. She has five biological children, but because her birth entry states that she is male, she is having these problems which are causing great distress to Kim and her whole family."

The only person who can intervene at this point is Prime Minister.  Esterson has written to him on behalf of Walmsey.


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