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Woman's Life Altered Because She Put Her Feet On The Dash Before Car Wreck

On the evening of Aug. 2, 2010, Bethany Benson was sitting in the passenger seat as her boyfriend drove them from Michigan to Oshawa, Canada. A small car and a motorcycle crashed, killing the motorcyclist, and the truck in front of Benson and her boyfriend hit the brakes.

Benson’s boyfriend couldn’t stop their vehicle  and the front end was completely crushed. Though they both survived, Benson’s boyfriend only required 100 stitches while Benson faced far more serious injuries because she put her feet on the dashboard, Driving reported.

Benson’s knees hit her face, breaking her nose, left eye socket and cheekbone, in addition to both of her feet. She eventually lost her spleen but, most seriously, she suffered a brain bleed, Liftbump reported.

Before the accident, Benson was working towards becoming a teacher and planned to go back to Trent University to finish her degrees in French and History, then on to a B. Ed in Teacher’s College. After the crash, she was no longer bilingual and her parents said she was a different person.

“I got back a different daughter. I lost a sweet 22-year-old who worked full-time and put herself through university. She was on a great path. I got a 13-year-old with anger issues,” Benson’s mother, Mary Lachapelle, told Driving. 

Benson, who now requires expensive orthopedic shoes, suffers from fits of anger and often acts out. “I have had to realize that my child will always live with me. We’ll have to find a house that affords us both some privacy and separation, but she is essentially a 13-year-old.”

Benson requires a lot of medication, but Mary isn’t sure if her daughter is actually recovering anymore. “I don’t know if she’s improving, or if I’m just getting better at managing,” she said.

Sources: Liftbump, Driving image via Driving


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