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Woman's Legs Severed In NYC Subway Accident

Woman's Legs Severed In NYC Subway Accident Promo Image

A Brooklyn woman lost part of both of her legs in a subway accident.

Around 1 a.m. on Dec. 2, the woman, who has not been publicly identified, reportedly climbed onto the subway tracks to retrieve her purse, which she had dropped, according to New York Daily News. While the woman was climbing back onto the platform, a train reportedly struck her, severing both of her legs below the knees.

The operator of the train saw the woman trying to get back onto the platform and hit the emergency brake to stop the train, but wasn't able to stop it before it hit her.

Emergency responders took the woman to a nearby hospital to receive treatment for her injuries.

In March, a 25-year-old woman lost an arm and a leg when she fainted and fell into the path of an oncoming New York subway train. Sophie Yu was hospitalized after the incident, and friends said she had a long road of recovery ahead.

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"Her family is devastated," said a friend of Yu's, who was not named. "There's a lot of stuff they need to figure out right now ... She's going to have a lot to go through."

Yu's parents were reportedly coming from China to help their daughter after the incident.

"I'm not sure how much her [parents] know," added the friend. "We are all supporting her, and I think that's all she needs right now."

"I'm spinning," said Derek Mika, the doorman at Yu's Manhattan apartment building. "All right. She's alive."

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"She's so quiet," Mika said of Yu. "She's very friendly. She laughs at almost anything you tell her."

In April, a 13-year-old girl was killed while trying to retrieve a cellphone that had fallen onto the subway tracks, according to WNBC. The girl was reportedly on the tracks when the train struck her.

"I was in the front train and we hear this bump," said passenger Stephen Topete. "You hear everyone jumping and screaming."

The teen was taken to a nearby hospital, where she later died.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority advises passengers to never jump onto the subway tracks for any reason. Instead, the MTA's website suggests, anyone who drops something on the tracks should alert a police officer or MTA employee.

The MTA also advises passengers to stand behind the yellow line on the platform to avoid being struck by a train. The website says in 2015, there were 172 incidents where people made contact with trains, and 50 people died from those incidents.

Sources: New York Daily News (2), WNBC, MTA / Featured image: Jose Carlos Machado/Flickr / Embedded Images: Tom Roleveld/Flickr, Marc Cluet/Flickr

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