Mom Raises Money For School Supplies In Memory Of Son

A Florida mother raised more than $1,500 to pay for school supplies in memory of her son, who died in a drowning accident when he was 15-months-old.

Courtney Scott wanted to do something to mark what would have been Carsyn’s first day at kindergarten, according to media reports.

Carsyn was a blue-eyed, blond-haired boy who always had a smile on his face and enjoyed dancing. But he fell into a neighbor’s pond in October 2012 and drowned.

Courtney decided to set up a Facebook event entitled “Carsyn’s school supply drive," according to Florida Today.

“In my mind, I wanted to fill up my little wagon over there and drag everything over to Manatee [Elementary School], as if I was walking in with him, but in memory of him,” Courtney said.

“I expected my friends and family may donate some, but everyone began sharing my event and soon donations were pouring in from all over,” she told CBS News.

Courtney went to Walmart with husband Brian and their four other children to collect the supplies.

“I think we took 90 percent [of] Walmart, the school supplies," Joked Brian, according to Florida Today. "People are probably looking for school supplies and are angry at us. It was insane.”

The amount of donations was so much more than Courtney had expected that she selected a larger number of schools to donate supplies to.

One basket was still presented to Manatee Elementary in Carsyn’s honor. Courtney walked into the school with the supplies on the first day of the school year.

“I didn’t get to walk into kindergarten with Carsyn, but I was able to walk in with his memory and that was special,” Courtney told CBS.

Courtney is determined to keep the memory of Carsyn alive. The family hands out flyers every year urging people to let off balloons to mark his birthday.

“I want the world to know about my son forever,” Courtney added. “My biggest worry is that he would be forgotten by friends and family.”

But she has not let Carsyn’s loss prevent her from celebrating her other children.

“I have four other kids, and they don’t deserve to have any less of a mom because we lost Carsyn,” she said, according to Florida Today.

Sources: CBS News, Florida Today / Photo credit: Courtney Scott via CBS News

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