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Wife Tells 'Monster' Murderer Husband To 'Burn In Hell' (Photos)

A former convict who killed his two children and two stepchildren in Michigan was sentenced to a minimum of 47 years in prison on March 1. He also nearly killed his wife.

The judge stated the case of Gregory Green, 50, was the worst the court had ever seen.

Wayne County Judge Dana Hathaway stated, with reluctance, she would accept the plea deal negotiated by both the defense and prosecution. 

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Hathaway noted Gregory would be age 97 before receiving a chance of parole for the multiple charges of second-degree murder, the Daily Mail reports.

"I'm convinced you'll be incarcerated for the remainder of your life," Hathaway told Gregory.

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In September 2016, police responded to Gregory's 911 call at his Dearborn Heights home. His children, Kaleigh, 4, Koi, 5, and stepchildren, Kara Allen, 17, and Chaney J. Allen, 19, were found dead in the home.

His two stepchildren had been shot execution-style in the basement. His daughters were found dead in their bedrooms after they inhaled carbon monoxide fumes in a car.

Gregory had a hose plugged into the car's exhaust. It delivered the poisonous fumes into the car while his two daughters were in it.

He also bound and tortured his wife, slashing her face with a box cutter, shooting her in the foot and forcing her to see her teenage children die, police said. 

According to WDIV, Faith Green, the mother of the four children, has post-traumatic stress disorder and still has pain in the injured foot.

She says she also has short-term memory loss, which doctors say is a condition resulting from her memory of watching her children being executed.

The murders have affected her parents' health, Faith said. Her father reportedly had a stroke recently and her mother is having problems leaving her bed. 

"You are a con artist, you are a monster," Faith told her husband Gregory in court, her long facial scar visible. "Your justice will come when you burn in hell for eternity." 

A stoic Gregory referred to God in his closing statement.

"I have to be humble, very humble, because God knows a heart and he knows how regretful and sorry I am, and even now, after all this, he still has a plan," he said.

"And I'm not giving up on that plan because God is God and there's not one day that goes by that I don't think of my girls, not one day," he added. "[I] often picture them playing and talking to the heavenly father. I pray that God be with them. I feel bad for how this has deeply impacted everyone and may God help them, help me, and help us all. That's all I have to say." 

Faith filed for divorce about a month before the murders took place. The couple married in 2010, two years after he left prison on parole for a 15-year sentence.

He had pleaded no contest to stabbing and killing his pregnant first wife, in 1991. 

Sources: Daily Mail, WDIV / Photo credit: Gus Burns/MLive, WDIV via Daily Mail, Facebook via Daily Mail

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