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Woman's Facebook Post Goes Viral After Man Heckles Her For Jogging

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A Facebook post by an frustrated woman has gone viral for its scathing critique of a man who made fun of her weight.

According to Lindsey Swift, a man driving a truck heckled her while she was jogging on Aug. 6. He reportedly sang a rendition of "Big Girl" by the pop singer Mika.

Swift had been training for a 10K race when she was heckled near the town of Barnsley in England.

After the incident, Swift took to Facebook to voice her frustration and ire with the driver.

“I wanted to have my say,” Swift said. "Normally, I don’t get militant about these things, idiots are idiots. However, I can see why comments like these might put a person less confident than me off from running, and that is shameful. Everyone starts somewhere.”

She continued saying, “But if my fat a--- running — quite slowly I might add, I was shattered — offends you and spoils your journey, try driving with your eyes closed, into a lamppost.”

She continued: “It was quite an embarrassing situation. Usually I’m not easily hurt, but my boyfriend was running a little bit ahead of me and so he stopped and I had to explain the situation to him. It was quite intimidating.”

She added, “Because he drove past I did not have a chance to respond to him in person. Everybody has an opinion about health and things like that but some things, like my body, are not public property and I do not think anybody has the right to make comments like that.”

Her Facebook post has since been shared more than 5,000 times and has garnered the support of many people who took to the comment section to voice their opinion.

“You go for it Swifty,” wrote one user, “ … you are a true inspiration.”

“Well said Lindsey!! You keep going girl your doing brilliant!! And your beautiful inside and out,” another user wrote.

Source: BBC, Lindsey Swift/Facebook / Photo credit: Lindsey Swift via BBC


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