Woman Witnesses Cop Buy Lunch For Homeless Couple


A woman has shared pictures online of the moment she saw a police officer buy lunch for a homeless couple.

Tara Wilson was about to leave a parking lot in Tennessee when she saw the officer, later identified as Deputy Nicholson, calling the couple over to his vehicle, according to Mad World News.

Wilson initially had little patience for the officer’s actions.

“I was thinking why does he have to mess with these people? Aren’t they going through enough?” Wilson wrote, Mad World News reported.

However, she decided to wait and see what happened.

Her view changed after Nicholson bought food from a nearby restaurant and surprised the couple with it in the parking lot.

“There are good cops out there,” Wilson added.

A similar incident occurred earlier this year when the Massachusetts State Police posted a photo on its Facebook page of a state trooper buying lunch for a homeless woman. The photo quickly went viral.

They captioned the picture: “A selfless meal, and conversation for two,” according to KABC.

The woman initially thought the trooper, later named as Luke Bonin, had come to remove her from the sidewalk. But Bonin told the woman, “I’m not here to kick you out.”

Bonin told KABC that he drove past the woman after leaving the court building and noticed she was holding a sign asking for help. He bought two meals before returning to find her.

Someone took the picture as Bonin sat down to eat with the woman, and it received more than 33,000 likes on Facebook.

Sources: Mad World News, KABC / Photo credit: Love What Matters/Facebook

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